Goodbyes are sad bad & mad,
Last time to feel the touch,
Not wanting to hold back..

Last time to show,
” Yes, I love you “,

Last time my eyes meet yours,
With tears pouring down the cheek…

Last time I heard
Your voice of goodbye…

Last time I was choked
See you walking away..
Pain and agony..
Reached my heart..
I was not bleeding but
Was literally dying inside

A word from you
Could have saved me
A smile or a hug
Could make me live..
It was the last time
I was speechless for you..
Waiting for the last hug..
And waiting still..

You moved down the stairs
I kept standing for hours
With empty hand
And with hope in my eyes.
It was the last I missed you their
Today the place is not mine
I moved but still have that feel
In me..
Goodbyes are sad.. Bad.. & mad..
Last goodbye is always incomplete..


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