Want to remember you and forget you ..!!

Want to remember you and forget you ..!!

I want to get lost in the sadness of night
Wanted to be found in the journey of woods
I want to remember you & forget you again and again ..

Sometimes want to get lost in your dreams
And sometimes want to go far from you ..!!

Seen some dreams together
Seen them being ashes
Want to dream again
Want to live those dreams again

We laughed the enjoyment
We cried the sadness
Hugged the time for keeping us apart

Just tell me ..
How can I forget those words
Those moments we spend together
And those innocent nights

Even today I want to come near you
Hug you ..

Want to remember the everything you told
Want to tell me the same words
Again & again

Want to remember you & forget you again & again ..!!

Journal of nomad ..!!

Journal of nomad ..!!

I forgot your name again
Maybe I m between the parallel world
My eyes are wide open
I can see darkness but not peace
I can’t find sleep …
But I can see dreams …
Maybe I m ..
Between parallel worlds

I saw my shadow
Smiling deliciously ..
Making false promise
Starring at me..
Checking for peace and light
Between parallel worlds
My eyes betrayed me ..
My tears walked away ..
My soul sounds in a different way..
I cared .. I shared ..

No more sharing
No more caring …
Thoughts would not be disclosed ..
Moonlight may scatter in my room
Making passage to my thoughts

The beginning of my new journal
Journal of nomad ….!!


His last girl..!!

His last girl..!!

Seems like yesterday
Started talking with the first hello
With unknown expressions
Seems like an hour before
Met, smiled, & walked
Complimented her deep blue eyes
With mascara
Offered her roses & candies
She had chosen to reject long back.

Her puffed rosy cheeks
Where like a rose
Dipped in dew .. totally kissable.
I gave her name
That upgraded her.
That brings the smile on her face
Gave her my hand
That supported her .. lifetime ..

To see her daily
Was like a routine to me.
To stare her all night
Was like my new hobby.
And to love her
Was my choice …
And even today people say.

His last girl..!!

With love

Few words of her ..!!

Few words of her ..!!

A smile that started with eyes
An emotion which was hiding
Between lips
Touched the soul of a stranger
Just by few words of her ..!!

The first incident, first look
& the first eye to eye contact
Made me describe her
Not gorgeous with looks
But sharp with features
Not with messed up hair
But with long fluffy hair
With glasses on her eye

Didn’t see any makeup
Not even a kajal
Just the formal dress
And Few words of her ..!!

Time stopped in her eyes
Holding mine
Few words of her
Made me think over some coffee
Made me realize
The worth of smile …

Life was bit complicated
Her words made it simple ..
Few words of her ..
Made us friends ..
Few words of her ..
A new chapter begins …!!


Stranger & Destiny ..!!!

Stranger & Destiny ..!!!

White as feather

Gentle as a drop of water

Specs in her eyes

With dimple on her cheeks

I saw the pretty stranger lost

In the crowd

May be she was unaware of the place

May be she was new in town

We got introduced

Just by meeting of eyes

There was something in her eyes

That consumed the emptiness

I was carrying with me

A simple hand shake

Couple of smiles


Few cups of coffee

To know her

Was enough to be in love

Her eyes make me talk

Little less

Feel like hearing her for long

Starring her eyes

Her expression, her lips

Feather she use to carry

As a tattoo in her hand

Seems like she is ready to fly

May be alone

Or maybe looking for a company

Waiting for the same metro

Everyday ..Makes me feel

Glad in morning .. like morning starts

Like the sun has started shining

Like every flower will come to me

As I receive her warm hug

Now it don’t matter

Who is looking

It’s her & it’s me

Its time that consumes us

Every night it’s not the call

Or text

We wait for ..

It’s the morning breeze

It’s the bird that come to my window

Just to say

Time to smile & live

She was a pretty stranger

Once ..

Now beat of my heart ..

Stranger & Destiny ..!!!



With a red wild flower…!!

With a red wild flower…!!

Every drop of dew ..
In the garden of wild flowers
Makes it more attractive
Bring some love to sit and admire

You are same as a wild flower
Stopped me .. captured my eyes
Forced me to admire.
To stare … to be in love

Waited for some time ..
Smiled .. blushed .. ignored
And moved
Flash back was still the same
The wild flower ..!!

May be it was my fault
I should have asked you out
May be on a date
Or may be for some coffee & ride

Night would be different
When I was in front of the beach
Sitting with a bottle of wine
And burning fire with waves
Your company would have made it different

Your presence would have been a shining star
Your smile would have killed me
Every time,
Simply dressed with dangling earrings
Standing in a white one piece
Bare footed infront of the waves

I would be just on my knees
With a red wild flower ..
Giving my heart ..
Or my life ..

I would be there ..
On my knees waiting for the answer
With a red wild flower ..!!