A charm of a criminal..!!

A charm of a criminal..!!

He never did a crime
Never been to a fight
Just loved and lived
With some words in his heart
With some emotion
No one could understand

It was his charm
To catch those eyes
Looking for a smile
God gift he has
To play with words

Criminal he was announced
Without knowing his guilt

Feathers told
Stealing heart was his crime
His words prove them right
His charm made him guilty

A charm of a criminal
Can never be questioned
In a way, he presented his heart

Maybe stealing heart was his hobby
And the spreading smile was his choice

He never did a crime
Never broke a heart
Just loved & lived
With some words in his heart..!


Strings of a heartbeat

Strings of a heartbeat

It will be the goosebumps
that will make you guilty,
maybe the other side of your mind
will fall in his arms
Defining it won’t be so easy
feeling it is what she can’t stop
Moving hands around her neck
Won’t make her feel bad but will make her restless
Like a feeling she is craving for
Warm breath won’t make you unconscious
But will make her lips move
Your support will make her strong & weak
Your touch will make her relive
Like a dream, she dreamed before
Her voice would have your name
Her eyes will have a happiness
Her heart would sing
Like a bird, she will fly
Being an angel of hearts

It will be the goosebumps
That will make you smile
When you are all alone
In a beautiful evening a memory
Will make her fall in love
With a stranger
Who just tread over her heart
And touched the strings
Of heartbeat


“They were judged”

“They were judged”

Answers are always there with a questions
Heart just need to know & express
Hiding things doesn’t help
Nor does lying eyes do

Blaming is the best choice
Making a point to hide
Looking into eyes of a stranger

Love was never blind
Random jealousy made it blind

Every heart has his reason
For every choice it made
For every mistake, it committed
Knowingly for someone

Intentions behind are always judged
But the beauty of its thought
Are never seen.

Maybe a broken heart
Loves more than anyone else
And so its love so pure ..

Her pillow described her night
But his night was seen just by stars
Beautifully she cried
And Unknowingly he was guilty

No One gave the statement
But yes they are not together
Strange but truly said

“They were judged”

By the beautiful world
And with the charm of jealousy



May be someday ..!!

Maybe someday ..!!

Maybe someday I may recall
Your fragrance
I may recall wishes you made for me
Maybe someday …

When alone on a freezing night
I may recall your warm heart
Stories we used to discuss
Over a coffee
In those summer evenings

Maybe someday …
I may recall
Everything I left behind
For n reasons & for no reason

I am impulsive
And that’s how I live
Enjoying every moment with no worries.

Maybe Someday I may recall
Every blushing face
Every hand calling me
Every smile I spread

Maybe someday
I will be there where I started
With same innocence
With same Friends
And lots of memories …

Maybe Someday
I will just be my dad’s son
My sister’s kid brother
& My mom’s heart ..!!



I was never ..

I was never sure..!!

I was never sure
And never was so confident

To hold someone like you
Bringing you close
Cuddling was never my thing
Nor was the flying kiss

Loving you is my choice
Waiting for you is what interests me
Today clock doesn’t ignore’s me
It reminds me of you

Checking you out with wild eyes
Hypnotising you is like a new art
To learn for you ..

A private pool may not be romantic enough
Like a cooking table would be
A hotel room would not be a choice
Like an empty beach would be

Kissing to loving you
the journey doesn’t go so long

Making you mine forever
A dream I dreamt every night

Just by your side moon came up,
lying next to you sun came up
dressing to undressing makes us fall
in love again ..

I was never sure
And Never was so confident ..



It’s About Her..

It’s About Her..

Her words were simple
And so was she…
Her silence makes me worry
Her eyes make me complicate things

She was not like just another girl
She was a beauty I admired
I had wished for ….

Her unspoken words
Were enough to live a life
Imagining and celebrating everyday

Her hidden emotion
Was always an attraction to call
Her name with an excuse

Her words were simple
But I was not clear

She was of the blessing
And I was her’s



For no one to see..

For no one to see..!

Inked on a raw sheet
He described his heart
Pouring his feeling
With a black ink
For no one to see the shades
Night belonging to him
For his love for his pain
Truth wrote under a dim light
For no one to see
Hidden in a smile
Was a treasure of his heart
Hidden in his eyes
Was a pain
He never shared
No one to see
Was a myth that broke
Three hearts cried
That moment
And Diary told the truth