With a red wild flower…!!

With a red wild flower…!!

Every drop of dew ..
In the garden of wild flowers
Makes it more attractive
Bring some love to sit and admire

You are same as a wild flower
Stopped me .. captured my eyes
Forced me to admire.
To stare … to be in love

Waited for some time ..
Smiled .. blushed .. ignored
And moved
Flash back was still the same
The wild flower ..!!

May be it was my fault
I should have asked you out
May be on a date
Or may be for some coffee & ride

Night would be different
When I was in front of the beach
Sitting with a bottle of wine
And burning fire with waves
Your company would have made it different

Your presence would have been a shining star
Your smile would have killed me
Every time,
Simply dressed with dangling earrings
Standing in a white one piece
Bare footed infront of the waves

I would be just on my knees
With a red wild flower ..
Giving my heart ..
Or my life ..

I would be there ..
On my knees waiting for the answer
With a red wild flower ..!!


Miss you with every heart beat ..!!

Miss you with every heart beat ..!!

See you in my morning  dreams
Its my mind who can’t let u go
I look at the doors
At every noise
I miss you so so much
Its hard to believe
But its true …

Being far or being near
Doesn’t make a difference to me
I just wish to create every minute smile
Every blush on your face
Every reaction to be perfectly cute
I just wish it for you …

Its hard to say
But I do tell the truth
I miss you with every heart beat …

You being a part of my mind
Been so completely different
Imagined you in variety
Have seen u being alluring sweet
To the tempting blue
Or I might say in floral outlook
Autumn has been a part
Of your happiness or  joy
You carry

Like I said
You in my mind
Can think of u more and more
And the last touch of every beat
Miss you with every heart beat . .!!!

I promised I won’t change..!!

I promised I won’t change..!!

I promished I wont change
I just moved to what I was before
I kept your promise safe
In my heart..  In my breath
In my heart beat..

Your step to your new life
Could have torn me to pieces
Could have taken every bit of happiness
I hold on to..
I promised I wont change
For you.. For your smile
For your love..

Not a tear shed..
When I hear it from you..
Just wished your happiness
For lifetime..
Will be waiting to see you soon..

I changed for every one..
I changed to what I was before
I kept the promise
I didn’t change to new stranger

I promised I wont change..
Will love you forever..
No matter how life goes
Your steps may take you far from me
But there always be a road
Bringing you back
To the known stranger..

With a smile..
I will see you moving
With a pinch of pain
Will see you in other world
With a wait on my watch
Will wait for your text or call..

I promised I wont change..
For you..  Forever..!!


Say something

Say Something ..!!

Never met her

Nor known her before

It was just few conversation

Few smile she passed

And the way she blushed

Was enough to stare her

For a while

Not even close

Nor so known

I adore her when I saw her

In black with fluffy hair

With kiddish look

She is different

With a different accent

In a different world

I am unaware of ..

Her eyes are naughty

Naughty enough like planning something

To tease or attract

I have no clue ..

Say something ..

I am totally unknown

With your thoughts

I just poured some words

Like a simple token of compliment

To see you blush

Thanks for smiling



Never Happened ..!!

Never happened ..!!

But it never happened
It was not with anything she said
Or anything she did
It was the feeling that came along with her

She knew my world moves to fast
When world for me was a destination with a smile
And She just lost her balance
Losing herself
In the arms of a stranger
Who met her a few hours ago.

With decency and merciful truth
Of love, I or she cant explain
Without being guilty
Kissing on the doorstep
With a love
Or with an urge of love
Holding down
For years

It can’t be a crime
Not to express
With words when a simple smile
A gentle kiss, a warm hug
Defines her presence

And When everything is over
Gone ..
Its like kaleidoscope of memories
Like flashbacks
Coming back to heart to memory
Like being an object of attraction

Marking her presence
In mind of a stranger


Just remember ..!!

Just remember ..!!

My heart was fragile ,Not weak

You touched me

Made my fear melt like snow

Giving me a fear

Of not having you in my life

My heart was not up

For love adventures

Just was hidden in grounds

Starring the usual you

The casual you ..!!

Yet you stole it ..

With your bending eyes

With your childish smile

 And With a simple hug

For A love I didn’t know

I didn’t understand

For the love I didn’t care

Just was with it

In a different world

 I don’t take medicine

Nor I go far

For a love I don’t understand

I just close my eyes


I just write