​What I am looking for.

What I am looking for..

What I am looking for 
Wont find in cozy home, 
Not even in good books 
Of people around..  

She will be in some other world 
Travelling,  climbing,  
Tanned,  dusty,  crazily crazy
With her thoughts..  

Books were never her friend 
A diary and her thoughts 
A map and the world 
Means every thing to her..  

World can never define her.. 
Nor can hold her 
She has her inspiration 
To live to travel.. 

What I am looking for..  
Is not someone a model 
But someone who would call
Call at mid night and say 
Lets go..  Explore 

A crazy gal.. 
And impulsive nature.   

May be I wont find her
May be I will be incomplte..  

And a lie

I loved you without knowing you
When your hands are on mine
I find peace of life
Rest of the world is quite
When I listen to your heart beat

With blinking lights
She smiles a little
Her nose sliding along my jaw,
Her lips pressing my ear
And Night just passed
Holding her in my arms

I didn’t save her
I made her fall..
As she made me fall
For her eyes

A thousand butterflies
Inside a single stomach
Just flew with her name
Reaching to my heart
Giving goose bumps & a simple smile

With some expressions
And a lie


More she love’s ..!!

More she loves ..!!
Her eyes were searching him
From far distance
With backpacks & suitcases
Moving with the crowd
Tieing her hair
Hiding her smile
More she falls in love
More she has to hide
More she love’s
More it is difficult to wait
Requesting & abusing time in her mind
Every minute crossed
Fading it like an hour
Like loneliness she suffered
Being in his heart
She wished
Someone would have told her
About love ..!!
Love itself is guilty
Making her feel homesick
Not for home
But for his arms around her
Away from his hug
She wanted to be that point of time
More she love’s
More craving she has
Like an addiction of sweet poison
Moving in her mind
With memories of the last visit
With kiss of last breath
More she love’s
More he falls for her ..!!!

I am both happy & sad..!!

I am both happy & sad..!!
I am both happy & sad
With a heart I have
I even carry your heart with me
Where ever I go
With all destination
With all happening and un-happenings
I chose to have no fate
As you are the only fate I have
I have no world
I made you my world
Moon meant a smile to me
With you ..
Sun is a saxophone with shines
It’s one of my deepest secrets
Yes I am in love
And I love you my way
With soul with mind
With heart covered with wanderlust
I am both happy & sad
Being nomadic & having your pretty heart
Can’t describe
What is on my side ..
It’s your love that makes me happy
Or it’s your distance
That makes me sad ..
Is it my traveling I’m happy
Or it’s you
That you can’t travel with me
That makes me sad
I am both happy & sad..!

Somewhere in the shadows of wood..!

Somewhere in the shadows of wood

Somewhere in the shadows of wood

You would remember me

A smile would make you cry

A falling leaf will make your cheeks wet

Somewhere in the shadows of wood

You will remember me

Every step you take in an empty road

You would miss my company

Every time you hit the glasses of wine

I was never part of this life

But will be in your heart forever

Every time when you smile with your heart

I will be somewhere smiling with you..

Somewhere in the shadows of wood

I would have left some tears


Some beautiful memories

Every wooden road will be a memory

And I will be remembered …

Mountain and cliffs where always mine

May be someday you will realize

How they greet me with open arms


Snow used to welcome me

To the peace of heights

Every time I will be there

To see you happy

From the cliff to snow..

Somewhere in the shadows of wood

You would hide your tears

Just to give a smile ..!!


Rhitwik J

Slow-Wicked Smile..!!

Slow-Wicked Smile..!!

Across the metro line

I saw you with a mess around

I starred at you

Smiled & scratched my head

Beautiful in every aspect

Pretty gorgeous in my way

Sexy black heals

Dangling ear-rings, & the silver watch

Complimenting your dress

Every eye was on you

Every stranger was your fan

Luckly I missed my metro

Or intentionally

But you were worth waiting for

And slowly I can see the slow

Slow & Wicked Smile

Smile that was enough

Enough to be happy

Enough to remember you

By just a small name

Slow-wicked smile  …!!!

Coffee & her green tea..

Coffee & her green tea..

Coffee & her green tea ..
Just like us ..
Totally different  & totally alike
I learned to live respecting differences
For her smile
I learned to fail ,
I learned to be after her
To be her support
I managed to be ahead
To hold her hand
I managed to cover differences

Coffee & her green tea..
I enjoy both
One for her
One for me ..

Everyone stare
Everyone have questions
Why ..? How..?
Coffee & green tea.. together

But who cares
I don’t .. nor I wish to answer
Its about me and her
Coffee & her green tea
I will give them reason to judge
But they will never understand

Coffee & her green tea
A compliment
No one can understand ..!!