Just in hint of waiting..!!

Just in  hint of waiting

You Brought that side up
Which was hidden for years
No one was able to see through my eyes
What I was ..
What was inside me , who was inside me
You  jumped in my soul
Brought that feel back
And you left …

The caring side which was hidden
Covered with anger
The emotion which was un-ruled
You ruled it …

I promised to be the same for you
And for the one hidden in me ..
I promised to fulfill all your wish
But  I might not be the same
Same loving , caring ,& kind
I might change ..
I might switch to cold ,
Thoughtless &  Unpredictable

I kept moving for a reason ..
You read the reason ..
caught me with my numb eyes

I loved the simplicity
You brought with the innocent night
Burning candles burned
Everything which  was  fake in me

Waiting for everything
Waiting for nothing
Don’t have a bit of clue
Just in  hint of waiting



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