Her Nightmares..!!

Her Nightmares..!!

Her nightmares
May remind her of me..
The way she jerks
In middle of her sleep..
The way she search my hand
With those close eyes..

Being awake
To stare her all night
Notice every expression
Every movement..
Of her sleep…

I can see her mind
Through rolling of her eyes
She is distrubed..
And I know it..
Every cuddle I share..
Holds me more tight..
Than before..

Like a love..
That increases every min
Or like a fear
That’s taking over..

Her nightmares are my enemy
An enemy I could not fight.

Can just bring her close
Hold her tight…
Cover her with my arms..
And make her sleep..

Its my night…
And I am awake..
For her to sleep without a nightmare..




Some part of me is still old
Unaware of technology
Like my love for you..
Like my letters..

Yes.. I am old fashioned
I love to write letters..
Letters which are only for you..

I love to undress my emotions
On a wrinkled sheet..
Having no fragrance..
Having no smiley..

Yes.. I am old fashioned
And so is my love..
Covered with thoughts
And protected with an envelope
I keep them safe..
From the world of technology

You would smile..
You can call me crazy..
But its me.. And.. my love for you

You might get my letters
Or you might hear about it

Don’t judge me..
I am just in love..
Someday you will also be in..



Walking down…

Walking down…

Walking down an empty beach
With orchids in my hand
You were the only thought
I was playing with..

Ignored the stars
Smiled at the moon..
Touched the waves
And still you were their..
In my mind somewhere
Hiding from my heart

Walking down the pavement
After work
Snow didnt distrubed me..
Your image did

I dint see your face
But I see you..
I see you walking.
I hear you speaking
But i dint see you

Walking down a random street
Your thought’s cut me down
Your smile steal my eyes
I dont know
What it is all about..

Walking down the beautiful life
Love will be an encounter..
Stealing everything from me..
And giving me you…

In my mind.. Hiding from heart


Stranger & Destiny ..!!!

Stranger & Destiny ..!!!

White as feather
Gentle as a drop of water
Specs in her eyes ..
With dimple on her cheeks

I saw the pretty stranger lost
In the crowd
May be she was unaware of the place
May be she was new in town

We got introduced
Just by meeting of an eye
There was something in her eyes
That consumed the emptiness
I was carrying with me

A simple hand shake
Couple of smiles
Few cups of coffee
To know her
Was enough to be in love

Her eyes make me talk
Little less
Makes me hear her for long
Starring at her eyes
Her expression, her lips

Feather she use to carry
As a tattoo in her hand
Seems like she is ready to fly
May be alone
Or maybe looking for a company

Waiting for the same metro
Everyday ..Makes me feel
Alive in winter morning ..
Like the sun has started shining
Like every flower will come to me
As I receive her warm hug
Now it don’t matter
Who is looking
It’s her & it’s me
Its time that consumes us

Every night it’s not the call
Or text , We wait for ..
It’s the morning breeze
It’s the bird that come to my window
Just to say
Time to smile & live

She was a pretty stranger
Once ..
Now beat of my heart ..!!

Stranger & Destiny ..!!!

Silence when she is gone..!!

Silence when she is gone..!!

Silence of her going
I knew from the first day
A different kind of silence will be their
After the day she leaves
Waves will be moving
But without noise
Sky would be numb with no colors

This silence was different
I was not the same it used to be
The noice of this silence increased every day
I have answers
Of every question my mind wanted to ask

I was literally buried in this silence
As if closed myself in a wooden box
Or a room..

Hours I spend with myself
Creating a story around her..
Living a life around her..
We didn’t had a story
But we made one..
Every day we spend together
Was a part of the story

Now she is gone
Giving me a silence.
And a question
Whats gona happen next..

Its my story..
Story of silence
Silence when she is gone

I sacrificed you..!!

I sacrificed you..

I sacrificed you once
I sacrificed you again..
Does it matter to you..
Do you even think of it..
I hear no answer..

Earlier it was for respect
And now for your happiness
I learned to sacrifice  in love
In care & for your happiness

I would love again..
I would trust someone again..
In much better way..
In a new way..

Will keep you in memories
Will keep you in heartbeat
You taught me love..
You taught me to wait..
To trust
And listen to someone..

I sacrificed you once
I sacrificed you again..
I didn’t lose..
I earned love
And I am proud of..!!