Just that I cant express..

Becz I care about your feelings more than mine.!  Just that I cant express..

Expressing is an emotion I lost in a journey of life. I choose to live like a nomad having a nomadic heart. Starting with a smile and ending on one, I do care I do feel I do respect .. just I don’t get to express ..

An unknown expression is worth thousand swears and hundreds of tears
To be known and unknown to all .. with words to be seen in eyes ..!


I forgot to tell you ..!

I forgot to tell you ..!

I forgot to tell about dreams
Dream to be a different me
With the same innocent heart
Looking at the sky
Hunting for the stars
And admiring moon

Just like I was me
In a cliff of nowhere
Or walking down the pavement
Of a random street

I forgot to tell you
How good it was to be me
Flying like a bird

I forgot to tell you
How good it was to be loved
And cared

Just felt it
Like a wind passed away

Forgot to tell you
How I missed it
Every minute every second

Just forgot to tell you
I never share


Happiness is an accident..!!

Happiness is an accident..!!

The sweetest smile
Craziest of the crazy move
I saw in her ..
Happiness was an accident
I met on my journey
Looking through her eyes
Across the valley
Covered with snow

Life was different
Being a nomad or a babysitter
In a journey
No one can define
No one could even calculate
What was there?
And what was in hearts
Of stranger’s

Happiness was an accident
I encountered every morning
With morning smile
With a cup of tea..
Between snow covered mountains
And fresh dew

Away from the world of race
Every accident was full of smile
Full of happiness

Her smile …
Was an accident
And I barely survived every day
With cuddle of happiness
And her hands holding me

Happiness is an accident
And I believe it .!!!


Her Little Paws ..!!

Her Little Paws ..!!

Not a hero not too good
It’s like a surprise
to fall for you
For those little paws

Inked in your hand
Dipped in your heart
A reason for your smile

Hypnotising eyes follow me
In my dreams
With a breathtaking
Smile and warm breath
Over my neck

Like an innocent feel
You concurred my heart
With a blink
And chose to set me free

It was you
All in the air
It was you all in my blood

Treading with those little paws
Concurring my heart
Everyday ..!!


The Orchid Smile..!!

The Orchid Smile..!!

The morning smile with dew
Bending eyelashes
With messed up hair
Like just after a shower
Of a beautiful flower

Beauty so pure
As been in mountains
With snow
Having a heart of unicorn
In a world full of love

Admiring her is like my hobby
Like an inspiration for the day
A stranger can crave
For life
Her beauty, her hair
Talks more than her naughty eyes

It’s not her story
It’s a journal
Of someone who admires
Of a stranger who cares
For her smile..!!

The orchid smile ..!!

Love Fernweh


Its my Selfishness ..!!

It’s my Selfishness ..!!

The roads I travel
Maybe it’s within my reach
Maybe not
Maybe someday I’ll reach my destination

It’s my selfishness
I can’t take you all my way
It’s my selfishness
You can’t be a part of my journey

I have an innocent heart
That forces me to move
Move to different places
Roads, woods, river
Join me, travel with me
Remember me..!!

And I’ll keep moving
It’s my selfishness

I can’t stop, Not for you
Not for love, not for care
I Live for my dreams
I stopped, I cared, Tried to be in love

But realized, I m in love
With the feeling of love
Not with someone
Who can be a companion
Who can be a partner

It’s my selfishness
To be alone
Or maybe with new friends
Now it’s a habit, To move, to live
And to love.

It’s my selfishness
I Cant stop loving.. !!

In love with you again.. !!

In love with you again.. !!

What’s in you ..
Why you carry such a charm
Staring at your fluffy hairs
Disturbing your eyes
Reflection of your bangle
Is calling me
I am burning from inside
Loving you again ..!!

Let some mistakes to happen
Let some expressions to divert
Have some evening with me

To live moments

To live a beautiful dream

In the shadow of the blue moon

The warm breath of yours
In this chilled weather
Is better than hot coffee
To be in hand
You being close
You being near
Makes me fall & rise
Again & again
In love with you again..!!

Nail art of shining heart
Earrings of falling moon
Aviator in hands
With boots
Why you give this look
Why .. ??
You make me think about you
More & more every minute
In love with you again ..

Be an angel of love
Be my princess of heart
Will be yours

Till ocean becomes sweet
Will be yours

Till u find a new me ..!!
Will be yours