Troubled ..!!

Troubled ..!!

Troubled yourself
For a smile you could not fake
Didn’t mind walking away
Or staying for a while
It was your choice ..
That made you different
And it doesn’t matter you anymore ..

Troubled yourself
Finding rainbow and butterflies
Or a monsoon shower
Holding hands of someone..
And walking miles ..
Who doesn’t belongs to you

Seen you ..
Troubling yourself ,with goodbye’s
And With your wishes
I know that goodbye
That says nothing at all
I know that last wish
That has no meaning ..
I know that last kiss ..
That brought tears down your eyes ..

Troubled yourself
Searching for someone
Who doesn’t belongs to you

You had him ..
And you want him more
With the broken smile
And unexpressed love
With craving of night
And jealousy in eyes

You troubled yourself
Falling for him
And forgetting him

Now… It matters
Now… it hurts ..
A life you wished for yourself
Is in hands of someone else..


Reminding me..!!

Reminding me..!!

She is just a girl
In a leather jacket..
With a light shade of life
And light shade of her lipstick.
Her words are differnt
And so is she.
Reminding me…
How beautiful life could be
With her..

Reminding me.
With the early sun rays or
Sunset view.
How beautiful it could be
With her company..

Reminding me.
How lonely I can be..

Strikes on her hair.
Falling down her cheeks..
With green eyeliner
As carrying the greenery
In her eyes..

What she means
Is always a question..?
Reminding me..
I still don’t understand
Pretty eyes..

Reminding me.
Every minute of Conversation


Her words..

Her words..

Her words for me
Are like my company
In these silent evenings
Her empty coffee mug
Is also my company
Watching me.. Being idle

Her words..
Are imaginary or magical
I dont know.
I hear them, I obey them,
It has been months
I didnt stop respecting them
They dont belong to me..
But still I owe them.

Her words..
Were like the last kiss
More pain then the pleasure
More hurt then happiness

Her words..
Are mine or not
I am unaware…
I even dont know
I have rights on her words
Or not.. But..
Words are her..
And I respect it for her name…!!

Her words


Nights are so mine…

Nights are so mine
And so yours,..
Spend nights with your words
With your thoughts
And talking about you..

My pillow know our story
And so your blanket..
No one.. no one at all..
Except us..
Should know what was it all about
What story we prefer to
With unsaid & unspoken feelings

It was your silence
That says everything every time
It was your eyes.
Who was more loyal to my heart
It was a simple string
We were attached to..

Nights are so mine
And so yours..
Having the same night sky
With same stars..
We talk.. We Smile
And sleep in there arms
Cuddling them..

Rhitwik Vashishtha

Her Nightmares..!!

Her Nightmares..!!

Her nightmares
May remind her of me..
The way she jerks
In middle of her sleep..
The way she search my hand
With those close eyes..

Being awake
To stare her all night
Notice every expression
Every movement..
Of her sleep…

I can see her mind
Through rolling of her eyes
She is distrubed..
And I know it..
Every cuddle I share..
Holds me more tight..
Than before..

Like a love..
That increases every min
Or like a fear
That’s taking over..

Her nightmares are my enemy
An enemy I could not fight.

Can just bring her close
Hold her tight…
Cover her with my arms..
And make her sleep..

Its my night…
And I am awake..
For her to sleep without a nightmare..




Some part of me is still old
Unaware of technology
Like my love for you..
Like my letters..

Yes.. I am old fashioned
I love to write letters..
Letters which are only for you..

I love to undress my emotions
On a wrinkled sheet..
Having no fragrance..
Having no smiley..

Yes.. I am old fashioned
And so is my love..
Covered with thoughts
And protected with an envelope
I keep them safe..
From the world of technology

You would smile..
You can call me crazy..
But its me.. And.. my love for you

You might get my letters
Or you might hear about it

Don’t judge me..
I am just in love..
Someday you will also be in..



Walking down…

Walking down…

Walking down an empty beach
With orchids in my hand
You were the only thought
I was playing with..

Ignored the stars
Smiled at the moon..
Touched the waves
And still you were their..
In my mind somewhere
Hiding from my heart

Walking down the pavement
After work
Snow didnt distrubed me..
Your image did

I dint see your face
But I see you..
I see you walking.
I hear you speaking
But i dint see you

Walking down a random street
Your thought’s cut me down
Your smile steal my eyes
I dont know
What it is all about..

Walking down the beautiful life
Love will be an encounter..
Stealing everything from me..
And giving me you…

In my mind.. Hiding from heart