I am both happy & sad..!!

I am both happy & sad..!!
I am both happy & sad
With a heart I have
I even carry your heart with me
Where ever I go
With all destination
With all happening and un-happenings
I chose to have no fate
As you are the only fate I have
I have no world
I made you my world
Moon meant a smile to me
With you ..
Sun is a saxophone with shines
It’s one of my deepest secrets
Yes I am in love
And I love you my way
With soul with mind
With heart covered with wanderlust
I am both happy & sad
Being nomadic & having your pretty heart
Can’t describe
What is on my side ..
It’s your love that makes me happy
Or it’s your distance
That makes me sad ..
Is it my traveling I’m happy
Or it’s you
That you can’t travel with me
That makes me sad
I am both happy & sad..!

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