Troubled ..!!

Troubled ..!!

Troubled yourself
For a smile you could not fake
Didn’t mind walking away
Or staying for a while
It was your choice ..
That made you different
And it doesn’t matter you anymore ..

Troubled yourself
Finding rainbow and butterflies
Or a monsoon shower
Holding hands of someone..
And walking miles ..
Who doesn’t belongs to you

Seen you ..
Troubling yourself ,with goodbye’s
And With your wishes
I know that goodbye
That says nothing at all
I know that last wish
That has no meaning ..
I know that last kiss ..
That brought tears down your eyes ..

Troubled yourself
Searching for someone
Who doesn’t belongs to you

You had him ..
And you want him more
With the broken smile
And unexpressed love
With craving of night
And jealousy in eyes

You troubled yourself
Falling for him
And forgetting him

Now… It matters
Now… it hurts ..
A life you wished for yourself
Is in hands of someone else..



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