Her Nightmares..!!

Her Nightmares..!!

Her nightmares
May remind her of me..
The way she jerks
In middle of her sleep..
The way she search my hand
With those close eyes..

Being awake
To stare her all night
Notice every expression
Every movement..
Of her sleep…

I can see her mind
Through rolling of her eyes
She is distrubed..
And I know it..
Every cuddle I share..
Holds me more tight..
Than before..

Like a love..
That increases every min
Or like a fear
That’s taking over..

Her nightmares are my enemy
An enemy I could not fight.

Can just bring her close
Hold her tight…
Cover her with my arms..
And make her sleep..

Its my night…
And I am awake..
For her to sleep without a nightmare..



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