Silence when she is gone..!!

Silence when she is gone..!!

Silence of her going
I knew from the first day
A different kind of silence will be their
After the day she leaves
Waves will be moving
But without noise
Sky would be numb with no colors

This silence was different
I was not the same it used to be
The noice of this silence increased every day
I have answers
Of every question my mind wanted to ask

I was literally buried in this silence
As if closed myself in a wooden box
Or a room..

Hours I spend with myself
Creating a story around her..
Living a life around her..
We didn’t had a story
But we made one..
Every day we spend together
Was a part of the story

Now she is gone
Giving me a silence.
And a question
Whats gona happen next..

Its my story..
Story of silence
Silence when she is gone


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