You lied.. !!

You lied.. !!

You lied keeping your eyes numb..
Pushing me away..
You lied about the love you hold..
About your care for me..

I am next you today
Still u lie..
I saw everything in your eyes
Every lie you hide..
Every emotion you hold in your heart..

Why didn’t you express
Why didn’t you call me..
Even for a smallest of small reason..
Or biggest of the big..

Seen you being scared
While Sleeping..
For what reason I never knew

I adore you for couple of hours
That night
Seen you searching my hand in your sleep..
Even saw the peace inside you
When you were with me..!!

I don’t ask you to recall
Recall old memories
Old time we spent together
Just want you to make new memories
New beginning,  new start..
Let every thing go away..
Start a new journey..

Lets make old soul regret
Live with new soul….

You lied..
And I was not able to see
I was not able to understand
You were pushing me away
Just to suffer alone..

I would have been a help
If not help than atleast a support..!!

You shouldn’t have lied..!!



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