Isn’t It Beautiful ..!!

Isn’t It Beautiful ..!!

What a beautiful evening
A surprise visit her ..
With a heart touching
And unexpected present

A hug after a long
A never ending smile
A kiss to be remembered
A dance to be taken care of
An art to be learned ..

Isn’t it a beautiful evening

Spending time leaning
Hands on hands
Heads on shoulders
A wind of happiness around
Isn’t it beautiful..

When just a smile
Comes near with a kiss
Touches you
And you just stop

The softness of lips
And touch on the cheeks
A pleasant stay for seconds
Make you call
The moment to be perfect ..

Isn’t it beautiful …

To hug someone
So Many times .
To be a part of the fragrance
She is carrying
To be in her eyes
Even its pretty hot
Starring at it ..

Isn’t it beautiful…
To hug her for long
Kiss her back on cheeks
Hold her for a while
And say

I will miss you ..

I will miss you till you are not back again
I will miss you till
I get a warm hug
A gentle kiss
And a sexy smile …

Over love and care
Over the boundaries of friendship
Isn’t it beautiful…!!


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